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" WORLD"tell me your favourite part Just an Idea. Dont know if anyone has drawn a dA-world yet. i didnt wanna search either. RemindersSuggestions, see bottomalso, i do read every comment ^^ and reply to most of themContest [link] there is a contest on who draws the best depiction of their own deviantART World. I'm one of the judges. ^^'click [link] goodluck! deadline's on Sept 27, 2009.DisclaimerNAKAKA-UMAY? siksikan. heheeto na deviantART ayon sa akin. baka gumawa ako ng part 2. pag di na masyado abala sa school?. hehehe MATERIALS8.5 x 33 inches bond paperBlack Tech Pen 0.2 Gray Pens (Copic, KureTake KureColor, Faber Castel Brush Pen)Whiteout Bic Correction Pen PENCIL SKETCH [link] Not Colorful? if only i can color like this [link] or [link] then ill be in business got a little too dark on some areas..wish i just knew how to Digitally color. i need them light effects deviantart should be COLORFUL. but i cant. CREDITS!! KRIS WILSON - for his comics (on the billboard) SEZA - She's on the billboard, beside the truck, and graffiti ENDLING - for Lilith (drinking tea) MATT THE SAMURAI - as Himself (with Flaming Staff) FROST - for his BlitzKrieg BlackAxe (eating Noodles) [link] CLUEDOG - for his Comic character, Opey The Warhead (The Bartender) MIGGY - for his robot, Mio (Customer) JANAH - as herself - (girl at bar) TAGAILOG - as himself (beside river)Also: Roxas, StarTrek's Enterprise, Rashid of Cowboy Bebop, Son Goku cosplayer, Naruto fan, Poring, Fella, Aang, Pikachu mascot , Suezo, Girl Sephiroth, Kadaaj, Sora, Mudkip and L, etc etcThanks to CTJemmfor doing a poll linking to my work [link] MoonBeam13for giving me a premium membership so i can sell prints too suggestions for part 2? send me a reminder note? suggested so far:THE emoticon yaoifangirlsyaoi fangirlsan actual waldowriters, lyricsits, poetsmore featured artistsfurriesnew members on a tour busa wacom on display - people droolingoriginal character battle tournamentsFlamersArt ThievesDevmeets...Tracersdrawing on fruits trendart thief hunting season [link]full power slr & model << digicam & kitten winrainbow dogs - cosmicfailfave and run - theironcheeseEDIT:August 27, 2009: dA made a contest [link] about making YOUR own version of deviantART as a place. maybe suggestions are better kept to yourselves - so you can use them in your contest entry SUGGESTIONS CONTINUED art clubsrandom deviantfeaturedev IDs (i swear i sketched that! haha)dev weartinfoil hatsyurimeme - doodlee-afailboatpopularityfansred carpethigh societybanforum troll - sardinescoundrel PENCIL SKETCH [link]


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