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Рита Демченко

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Please Full View!Wow, I am really distracted right now by this new DA layout....it's.....interesting >.> eh well, anyway, back to this picture. I am just not able to focus on anyting right now, so I decided to work on this instead, and I'm really happy with the result to be honest. Anyway, I hope you like it, I know I've been all about the kh2 fanart lately, but I love the game so I can't stop xD Anyway, here's sora in final form clothes, and um...things floating around, clothes ripping up. I had lots of fun with the lighting on this. Enjoy this one, hopefully.KH2 (c) Square Enix and DisneyEDIT: WOW thank you SO much everyone for all your support on this picture O_O *falls over*Some people asked to see the original drawing/lineart, so here it is: [link] feel free to color it if you want EDIT2: I fixed a lot of things, hope you like it more


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