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Рита Демченко
Рита Демченко

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| Commission prices and info | My Patreon | Visit me on Furaffinity | * Please use it as an inspiration/reference for your drawings/painting or for learning purposes. Do not create bases and photomanipulations from it. Thank you *You can use the arts done with my poses anywhere and do not need to credit me.Ideas for poses and a little training of skills. moreover I just like to draw female body Use it as inspiration if you're looking for some. Just please do not trace from it. I also wouldn't like to see bases done with poses that are just copied/pasted onto new file. I does not need a mature content I hope? more from the series::thumb193979852::thumb148057533:I'm sure that here and there may appear some anatomy mistake, but remember that these are just sketches of several ideas I had in my head =3


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