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Рита Демченко

сижу, никого не трогаю, собираю компьютерную графику :)

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follow me on facebook: *facebook.com/marcbrunethere is a link to the evolution of the piece over time!

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EDIT 15 Nov 07
Remade the whole thing 8), entirely digitalized now 8), much better than the old one ^^,

I am willing to sell this as a poster, but i need to find out how 8_D

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(Based on this official piece.)

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This is my latest 3d effort, its a portrait of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. It was created using 3dsmax, Zbrush and photoshop. I really wanted to achieve a good likeness.

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Hooray he's finished!! This demanding little robot has been hogging all my free time pretty much since April.

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"Cute or creepy?"Got different answers when I asked it, looks like this turn out as good as I intended!

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Next stop: the market.

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Greysle - personal project __________You can follow me on: facebook ArtStation CGSociety Behance Instagram

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One of Three DC3 Aircraft left to the elements near Rolla, Missouri USA

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Headed to San Diego Comic Con next week?

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if you like my work you can follow me on: FACEBOOK: *facebook.com/lidiavivespho… INSTAGRAM: *instagram.com/lidiavivesph…

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Glassthroughskin Brush Set 24-------------------------------------------150 Point Brush Set-------------------------------------------You buy it, its yours - no need to credit me, brush set is free

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Model: Madeleine Kanyama

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Fandom: Guardians Of The GalaxyCharacter: Star Lord (Peter Jason Quill)Cosplayer: SunjiCosplayMake-up: Dlanor Knoxvk.com/dlanor_knoxPhotographer: Sketch_Turner Thanks to watching

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The lands of your fathers ,The lands that gives you life ,The lands that makes you grow ,Protect those ,Cherish those ,Cultivate those ,For Roth will bless your seeds ,For Roth will bless

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Wedding shots.Instagram: *instagram.com/j_koons/Prints: *jasonkoons.com

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Hot enough for ya?Lines by and Jay LeistenColors by

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Cacti succulent or herb planter pot with ancient Aztec mythological designKusamono display bonsai pinch pots are traditional Japanese ceramic pots that are intended as accompaniments to bonsai tree

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Harlequin Crested Gecko Rhacodactylus ciliatus

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"The strength of Thistledown lies not in its Iron, but in those who wield it.~ Ironsmith proverb"Deep near the heart of Thistledown lies the village of Hammer N' Tongs, the

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My work is dedicated to my friends pranile -  SweediesArt - for their upcoming birthday  RABBIT :by my own resources ROSES : 

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Macro | Stamps | Food | Nature | MiscellaneousMy FAQ in English | My FAQ in SpanishUsing Lens in Reverse | Using Electric Extension Tubes Copyright © Sheila Brinson.

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Cover Colors For Alice In Wonderland 6 from Zenescope EntertainmentMy favorite thing that I have worked on Professionally so FarPencils: me (Anthony Spay)Colors: Nei Ruffino IF YOU LIKE THIS PLEASE

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Please click for larger view.  Ultra Fractal 5.04 & PSP for signature.Thank you for looking.  Started out with params from Jimpan1973    Check out his am

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