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Рита Демченко

сижу, никого не трогаю, собираю компьютерную графику :)

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"TRAITOR!!!"Grab this print for only $8 @ dereklaufman.com

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I found some old sketching pencils tumbling around in my art supplies box and wanted to know if i keep them.

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Dog Color Pencil DrawingThis is the last pet commission drawing i did Now im taking new requests - i have time for only 2 drawings so be quick to send me a mail if you are interested I charge 200

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For prints and licensing: *mehmeteralp.comFacebookInstagram

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Apo and Chaoticasomething wintery

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eh i drew a lot of pictures for school last semester... heres a pic of one, its a RLLY BAD PIC? the assignment was to replicate a chosen artists style...

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Silver filigree tiara with clear crystals. Silver elastic at the back of the crown adjust to your head size.

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Pencil commission for sweet BrynaliaIt's her character.Thanks a lot dear .Can you tell how many sea creature I hide in this picture?

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Winter guardianPencils, pens on a brown paper.It's not easy to draw a fully white creature on a brown paper to make it like a 3D drawing.

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Mettaton was a gift for a friend after she worked on my comic concept and drew some faces for me (including this one). He is about 6" tall and is very flexible.

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A big thanks to my Patrons

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Follow me@:  |Instagram|Tumblr|Twitter|Patreon|FacebookA fun painting practice, redrawing this old work of mine that I liked alot!

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My InstagramNikon D5300.Credit if you use it ^^Purchasing will give you a 3000 x 4496 version Other Photos:     

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Hello All! everything done in photoshop, no photobash you can follow me here !  *facebook.com/raphael.lacos…cheers

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.:ART TRADE:.ok Q,Q old old art trade I owe to this girl, I hope you like it I totally love your sona >//u//< <3Juliette: Art: meHer part: sinasni.deviantart.com/art/AT-&he

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I'm starting this month's round of Patreon rewards!

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Super cute and easy to make. Give it a try, everyone will love these cute poppers  1. Heat oven to 350°F (for all pans).

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Leather & wood handmade joy, for this year's conventions ;]

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Phoenix - Anita Lustphoto by meassistants - Marina, Olya, Kseniathe pool with water was made by us, so it was very calm (and very cold)

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impossible instant filmsx-70© 2015 Toralf SümmchenNo use without my written permission.All rights reserved.Prints on request, please send me a note.

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Model - Kika MacabreHeaddress/Shoulder Pieces - Hysteria MachinePhotography - Sheridan's Art 

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I recently decided to rework an older concept (One of these, n case you're interested: animexx.onlinewelten.com/fanar…)!

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And the sun is finally shinning !! For my greatest pleasure !! ^u^ I can play with colors !!! \o/PREV. - NEXT.

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Simple rules in journalThis stock is free. Download a high-resolution pic on the right.Do you like my stock?

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