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Рита Демченко

сижу, никого не трогаю, собираю компьютерную графику :)

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UF5My entry for the  December 2014/January 2015 Challenges<da:thumb id="499980105">Parameters:Fractal169 {::ls9auin2tv1STOKOS47dE9/BH+0uxslLkSeYPbwhu7dnJmI

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cloversue: Gesongphoto: Full link: *facebook.com/media/set/?se…

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It's been awhile.So here's something I've been trying to master. ...gravity drops, impossible macro magic.Enjoy! And thank you for viewing.

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Drawing from last year...pencil, color pencil on A3 paper size

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Print available!2015.05.06, Pisa, Italy.Typical case for turning bad weather into good with an infrared camera.

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Hi lovelies, I'm proud to present to you this perdy Mohawk! Its adorable! ^.^ I call this style 'Pinky Pie' After My little Pony.

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Tiny little temporary reminder tattoos of motivational quotes and positive affirmations.   In the style of band-aid bandages (plasters).

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Berlin marathon km 40

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This was called film. Used to put it inside cameras.

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For a long time I've been wanting to do more and redo some of my different angles of a skull stock sets, particularly the "Open Mouth" one and whole new sets featuring different ligh

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Photographer: Pat Ramos

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"Akoswadheusthanita"Graphite pencil on A2 Drawing paperCopyright 2012 Matt Pinyan. *mattpinyan.com

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READ AND VOTE FOR IT ON WATTPADSo guys, "Keeping Things Whole" has kind of been dead for awhile. I don't know what to do with it and I'm not passionate about it any more.

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Here is a quick preview of the Halloween sale that I have now postponed to Sunday Oct. 18th.

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___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For time-lapses, WIP'

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headshot art for this adoptable: bid here: sta.sh/comments/61/1p4obxj4qgv…

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“Oh, my love. You’re so alive .”Tumblr Facebook

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Halloween Series: Dragon EmpressPhotographer & Editor: Michelle MoniqueSFX Artist and Visionary : Vincent DamyanovichModel: Rae WrightBeauty Makeup: Wendy DispennetteThis past mont

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HIGH RESOLUTION TEXTURE created from my own materialTERMS OF USAGE: Credit is mandatory | personal & commercial use allowed | feel free to show me your work | read more about my rules mercu

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She is made with my mare pattern and hair patterns that are for sale on Etsy!*etsy.com/listing/234525756…*etsy.com/listing/250882437…As for the plushie itself, not sure if she

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She was only 14 years old and had been locked up for most of her life when she first set foot outside her prison, but she was determined.

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Acrylic on canvas. 90 x 100cm. I've been wanting to paint a scene like this for some time and finally got around to it.

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Its been a while since I last did something I am really, really proud of Auction Rules:- The Auction ends 48 hours after last bid.- Please reply to the highest bidder- Please make the payment with

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:"D Hope you like it <3Testing my watercolour paper (Mont marte 300g Rough )

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Open Season & (process + previous ideas) *artstation.com/artwork/V81…See more on my lesson (Paint with energy) for magazine 3DTotal 2dartist (issue: August 2015)My work

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Spidey 2099 was colored with Copic Markers.

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A creature of the deep, she surfaces to lure with her hypnotic voice those who wander too close to the water's edge.Sinuous tendrils encircle her entranced victims, and in a petrified stupor t

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A commission for datebird on tumblr! They wanted Scraggy, Trapinch and Spheal in some location in Kalos, so I picked Laverre city.

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