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сижу, никого не трогаю, собираю компьютерную графику :)

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Keeps the boredom away.©SamanthaPaigeImagesAll Rights ReservedYou may not Copy , Alter ,Crop or save this work without my written consent If you wish to

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•© Blaithiel - All right reserved.You may not duplicate, post, modify or reproduce my art without my written authorization•Credits:justmeina.deviantart.com/ybsilon-stoc

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work.portfolioPoupee campaign 2015

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PinUp Extraordinaire 1This Image is protected under copyright law. These images are not produced, represented, sold, distributed, or licensed as stock photography.

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My entry to Blizzcon fan-art contest)

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Triple lightning strike on a village near home during a squall line storm in early august.

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High or not, I like the idea of specimens showing examples of improper use of magic.

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paint it based on Diablo2~~ 

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Illustration for the upcoming auction at FB.Watercolor on Fabriano hot presses watercolor paper.

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1995 - 2014, Oil on canvas.

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Huge thank you to Artifice Clothing​ for collaborating with me and creating this magnificent costume.

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My submission for 's artbook "BAKENEKO" from last year.it's such a pleasure to be one of guest artist among awesome artist there.all credits goes to limsera aka

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My wonderful model:

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How would you name this puppy?Watch more stuff on my website Follow Me:TWITTERFACEBOOKCopyright © Ken Barthelmey.

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watercolor, acrylic and pen on watercolor paper (300g)60cm x 45cmYOUTUBE | TUMBLR | FACEBOOK

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   Youtube  Commission info (Open)Gift my bb Velkss //deep voice BBI always torture poor void when trying new stuff xD I trying to lea

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Your typical RPG party encountering a dragon.This is a playmat done for Gamermats.

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tumblr||YouTube||Instagram||WeLoveFine ShopAnd that's the last of the "Mane 12" - this one took about 40 minutes.

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My wonderful son requested that i make these cupcakes for him i am more than glad to make anything his heart desires...Turned out great More yummy cupcakes       &nb

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....yea, its fate inspired so i will be working on my environment work for now.

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Created for my Patreon project: *patreon.com/angelariumSign up to see full-res process shots and more for only $5 per month.

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Random original character

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Luna, Karpatenwolfrealistic portrait i basically was going to finish her but I like how this this looks like so I will keep it as it is :'D    

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Vraklek Online Comic, Also Guest Cover Artists: vraklekcomic.blogspot.mx/  More stuff in my blog: ramsesmelendez.blogspot.mx/   &n

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"Tale as old as timeTune as old as songBittersweet and strangeFinding you can changeLearning you were wrongTale as old as time Song as old as rhymeBeauty and the Beast"This is my

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"When she is coming, spring is coming."Hopefully you like this work! I had experienced so many things during the process of painting this work, which including the graduation, th

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《盜墓筆記》 - "Daomu Biji" Grave Robbers’ ChroniclesIts a novel series about the grave-robbing adventures of Wu Xie,

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