Рита Демченко

Рита Демченко

сижу, никого не трогаю, собираю компьютерную графику :)

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Rich, elegant colors and extravagant detail combine to make this design a truly eye-catching statement piece.

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HiThanks for all the comment and favs on my previous picture.Here is an old picture of two wild busard fighting each other for food.

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12x16 ink and airbrush Black Friday sale !

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21 tiny cranes in a bottle. Folded out of 1 cm x 1 cm tissue paper.

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I thought someone might like to use this image for a manipulation or some such. You are welcome to use it as stock/wallpaper, but no commercial use without my written permission.

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this piece brought me the 1st prize (gaming laptop) from an artwork challenge sponsored by a local computer store. ( *monsternotebook.com.tr )

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Have a great weekend! *enigmafotos.com/the-vault/

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trying to express my own absence by being here.part of my series I made for the exam last month. selfportrait.

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Oil canvas painting, had a great time finding characters. I think work is quite good, what do you think?

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photo by kashikosa (animexx.onlinewelten.com/mitgl…Model/Costume: me! *facebook.com/WeaselCos

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 Patreon-||DrawCrowd||Tumblr||Facebook||ArtStation Random idea was random, still lots of fun trying something different  Hit download for wallpaper :d Available

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Nikon D5300.Credit if you use it ^^Purchasing will give you a 3002 x 4071 version Other Photos:     

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after much feedback from you guys I decided to go with DJ Sona for the sexy/nswf for term 9 patreon  : D + I really love that skin !

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Finished YCH for fae. on Furaffinity. This took a total of 5 hours in SAI and Photoshop.

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Cosplay by Spinelo 西木野 Made to Order Qipao Nishikino Maki from ラブライブ!

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B U X B I . T U M B L R . C O M S O  F L U F F Y

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New work For Phuong My Spring/Summer 2015 Photographer: Zhang Jingna Stylist: Phuong My Model: Kwak Ji Young Hair: Daniel Wong Makeup: Derek Yuan Set Design: Zhang Jingna & Phuong My Fl

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From "Imagined Realms Book 2: Earth and Sky" on kickstarter  

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Point Commission for Missen6577.

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yes, STAIRS...why not?

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Copyright © by Genesis Raz von Edler/RazielMB. All rights reserved. My Artworks are registered and protected by Copyrighted.com.

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Third attempt. I took a new approach to color harmonies. I'm also applying all the things I'm learning from Aaron Limonick's CGMA class.

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Fashion Adoptable Auction- Winter Corset -Starting Bid: $20/2000Autobuy: n/aMinimum Raise: $1/100Auction End: After a bid has stayed the highest for four days Note: If bidding reaches or goes over

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 Auction Adoption eBay-->  *ebay.com/itm/Woodsplitterl…?

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Character: Ahri Popstar (League of legends)Photographer: Cosplayer: Me 2015Visit my Facebook page, you can se different things there *facebook.com/DalinCosplay

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