Запуск шара Монгольфье в 1783 году

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Гелиевый воздушный шар

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Воздушный шар Жака Шарля

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Слава Україні!

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Amulet Case
Found in Morocco
Islamic Art
1000 BC - 1 AD (date unknown)
Source: Metropolitan Museum

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Terracotta Statuette of a Siren
Archaic Greece (550-500 BC)

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Bronze mirror with a support in the form of a draped woman Classical Greek
Mid 5th Century BC

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Fragment of an ivory plaque depicting a youth thrusting a sword.
Neo-Assyrian Period, Mesopotamia, ca. 9th–8th century B.C.
(Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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Pectoral with a depiction of the god, Shed
20th Dynasty, New Kingdom

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Dragonesque Brooch
Roman Britain, 1st or 2nd century AD

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Minoan Serpentine libation table
Date: 1700BC-1450BC

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Amulet (identified as canine but has hooves)
1st Century BC
Found in Libya
Meroitic Culture
(Source: The British Museum)

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Petra (Greek ” ” (petra), meaning stone; Arabic: البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ) is a historical and archaeological city in the Jordanian governorate of Ma’an that is famous for its rock-cut architecture and..

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Biochrome Ware Jug
600 - 475 BC
Cypro-Archaic II
(Source: The British Museum)
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Book of the Dead of Neferrenpet
From the reign of Ramesess II (New Kingdom 19th Dynasty)
Found at Deir el Medina

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Glass bangle from Thailand. Middle Period, ca. 1000–300 B.C.
(Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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A cast and chased silver statuette with gilded gold.

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Terracotta Figure of Isis-Aphrodite
Roman Egypt (2nd Century AD)

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Perfume Bottle in the shape of a Swallow
Made in Rhodes
610-550 BC
Small perfume bottle from Rhodes.
Height: 6.9 cm
Length: 17 cm

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The Land of Punt, also called Pwenet, or Pwene by the ancient Egyptians, was a trading partner known for producing and exporting gold, aromatic resins,African blackwood, ebony, ivory, slaves and wi

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Red Figure Pottery
Attributed to the artist Onesimos
Made in Attica, found in Vulci, Italy
510-500 BC
A cup decorated with an erotic scene.

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Gold Filigree necklace
c.5th Century BC
(Source: The British Museum)
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Roman Silver Cup
Found at Charouce, France

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Wooden Cat toy with bronze teeth
From Thebes, Egypt
New Kingdom (1550-1070 BC)

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Copper Alloy Cobra “Wand”
Religious/Ritual Equipment
Middle Kingdom
2055-1650 BC
Thebes, Egypt

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In honour of our now 300 followers, here’s a short post on the legendary 300 Spartans and their King Leonidas, who fought and died at Thermopylae.

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Gold Bracelet set with garnet, amethyst and emerald.
Early 3rd Centry AD
Found at Nord-Pas-de-Calais,Pas-de-Calais,Beaurains, France
Roman Period

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Pottery Red Figure Cup
Made in Attica
480 - 470 BC
Depicting men, youths and women in conversation.
Interior (below)

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